Daniele GUASTELLA: This song is about the life after this life

Young and talented Moldavian singer Lidia Isac recorded a new musical composition together with the Italian singer and composer Daniel Guastella. This song is added to her treasury of hits, which we are sure this work is going to be. We're present at the filming of new video clip and interviewed the singers/musicians to learn about team-work of Lidia and Daniele on the song we are looking for to listen to.


— How did you meet each other?

Lidia: My producer Sergei Orlov introduced us to each other. He knows Daniele for 10 years. Daniele has visited Moldova already 9 times and it’s the first time he came to Kishinev for the contest “Friend’s faces” organized  by Segei Orlov.

Daniele: It’s a very long time that I know Sergei Orlov. So I work with him various times, so I think this is a big opportunity to duet with Lidia, because she is a very, very good singer. And I’m happy to be here.

Lidia: And I’m happy to see you here with me.

— Please tell us about the song you’re now working at?

Daniele: This is very important song for the lyrics, because speak about the life after this life. For someone, who trust in another life, but can be interpreted different. Because you think about life that you does meet it to you son or daughter. It’s the life, that go on.

— Very interesting

Daniele: Yes, it’s like a philosophy.

Lidia: As Daniele has said it’s a philosophic topic. Very serious topic. About life after the life. I can add that everyone has his point of view regarding this but via this song Daniele is trying to show the way to positive thinking.

— Who is the author/composer?

Daniele: I made the composer of the music, the lyrics composed by Martino Lo Cascio, he is a Sicilian guy like me. I work with him, because he’s a very good author of lyrics.

— What is your impression about team work with Lidia and Sergei?

Daniele: It’s great. I said you, I worked with Sergei various times, and he’s a very serious producer. I’m happy to work with him and Lidia

Lidia: I’m very glad to work with Daniele, he is a professional singer. He is happy to sing his song for the Pope. He is very modest and prefers not to tell about it. He has already released 2 albums with his songs.

Daniele: And I’m thinking about new album, recording with international duets. So there will be Lidia, will be some other artists. I travel very much in Mexico, in Latin America, in Europe. I’m thinking about duets with artists from Russia, Mexico, Costa Rica.

Lidia: It will be a great album

— Can you say some words to our readers?

Lidia: Follow news on the “ARTinfinit” portal because we plan to release our new song “La vita di poi” soon.

Daniele: Thank you for this interview. I’m happy to be here, in Moldova. I wished to come back very soon. It’s a great pleasure for me to sing with Lidia.


Galina Birzul




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