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Lidia Mudrac «Improvisation»

June 30, at the Embassy of Hungary in the Republic of Moldova, held a personal exhibition of the Moldavian artist Lidia Mudrac. The exhibition is open to the public until August 31.

Lidia was born in artistic family. She studied drawing, sculpture, ceramics, painting. Now Lydia limns oil paintings. On the  exhibition at the Hungarian Embassy you can see a variety of Lidia’s works: still-life paintings, abstractions and landscapes. Lidia’s pictures convey the scale of her feelings and emotions, thoughts and feelings that are disclosed only when you closer study her paintings.

Mudrak Lidia was born in 1967 in Chisinau. She graduated the Repin’s Republican Art College in 1989. She is a teacher at the Shchusev Children's Art School. She is a member of «СХМ», since 1995 member in the association "Eco-Art", and since 2004 she is a member of the Association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART". Doctor of Art L. Toma.

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