The beauty of the Norwegian music.

May 24, Embassy of Norway in cooperation with the National Philharmonic Sergei Lunkevich present a concert of Norwegian music. It was attended by Tatiana Сostiuk - soprano, Haldor Maeland - piano, Mihail Agafita maestro - orchestra conductor and artistic director, Irina Martyniuk, fine art expert, - author of the project and host of the evening.

The program included works by Johan Halvorsen and Edvard Grieg.

It was an evening filled with amazing music and a terrific mood. Music - is the way to our hearts, and the Norwegian definitely conquered us, and we are looking forward to a doubling.

Herman Pascal Consigliere Norwegian Embassy communicated with the portal «ARTinfinit» and told us a little about this concert.

-          What do you think about the concert?

Herman Pascal: We love it, because we have had it in now 7 years. This is very nice cooperation and it’s very satisfied. They asked every year to do it again, and we also love it. Today it was a full here, it was fantastic

-          So, I think, next year we will enjoy such a wonderful concert again?

Herman Pascal: We hope so. It’s very hard to break the tradition, that’s been going 7 years. We have a fantastic cooperation, and we hoped, that we will continue

Norwegian pianist Haldor Maeland also shared his impressions about Moldova and people.

-          How many times you were in Moldova?

Haldor Maeland: This is the first time.

-          And what do you think about our country?

Haldor Maeland: It’s beautiful, I mean, I just been in town, and next day I’m going outside, so I think, you’ve got a beautiful landscape. I want to see more. And people here so lovely. I thought they were very strict and was a little afraid to come, but everything is opposite, than I thought. I think, maybe next time, I will come with my family.

-          How many times you practice here before the concert?

Haldor Maeland: Only yesterday. We have some problems with electricity, so we have only one day to rehearsal, we were on fire. But everything was awesome.

-          What do you think about the concert?

Haldor Maeland: Very niсe. Very good orchestra, good energy. I like it.

-          And the audience?

Haldor Maeland: Very nice, and was a good feedback, so yes, I like it

And, of course, Mihail Agafita - orchestra conductor, shared with us his opinion about concert.

-          Tell us about your impression about this concert.

Mihail Agafita: The impression is the same, like after every concert, during which there were a lot of good things, I notice other hand, they are always there, it's live music, we're not in the studio. All musicians were great; I think I successfully took the program for the event. We start with the first Halvorsen creation, the music in the style of Neo-Baroque like Bach and Vivaldi, but in the vision of 20th - century. I like to play this kind of music; it has the breath of the past, and the concept of the present. I think that all sounded good; the audience is easily perceived it. Naturally, the Piano Concerto - a smash hit.

-          You often work with foreign musicians. Do you have some difficulties?

Mihail Agafita: No, music - is an international language, and I speak English, so we also find common ground all times. If a musician is good, then there is absolutely no problem.

And we look forward and wait new concerts and hope to hear amazing performance of Haldor Maeland once more.

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