Vincent Van Gogh did not kill himself

The famous artist Vincent Van Gogh did not kill himself, according to the authors of his new biography. Rather, Van Gogh was shot dead two young men with whom he loved to drink Dutch postimpressionist, BBC reported. 


Contrary to popular myth, long ago the suicide of the artist, his biographers say that teens accidentally shot Van Gogh as he wrote in the study. One of the young people have been faulty gun, with which friends often played cowboys. According to biographers, Van Gogh, on the day when there was irreparable, said all versions of the insolvency of suicide. After the incident, he returned and went to bed, where he found his brother Theo. In his testimony, Van Gogh's last words were: "Sadness will last forever."


The most outstanding representative of postmimpressionizma died in 1890 at 37 year of age.

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